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Irina J

Age Debut: 18


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Doodaq 3 days ago

We miss your sweet, hirsute pucker *_*


Borbonicus 3 years ago

Exquisitely Irina! Upon the occasion of my first visit to the MA wonderland in 2007/8, I was immediately struck very pleasantly indeed by three wonderfully beautiful girls - Irena,Divina and Iveta, and still enjoy their delightful shows to this very day on a regular basis. Wandering in the fabulous palace of beauty that is MetArt and its satellites, I often go back to the archives from 2005/6 onwards and make the most fascinating discoveries and re-discoveries, and just the other day Irena's lovely smile came up on the screen and it was WOW all over again.And SO much! 4 movies,3 solo and one of my all time favourite duo videos with Virginia Sun, (looking so happy together,and Virginia is very lovely too) and lots of galleries,and now its over to here,and 21 more! WellAlrightyThen!!! Another wonderful benefit is that there are some stockings galleries also,my very favourite erotic accessory, and a 1000 shot 'supergallery' is running very nicely so far with Irena being very beautiful on the usual basis,with another 1000 of her loveliness in stockings running alongside... Mighty grand! Never do anything by halves is an excellent motto,especially where gorgeous sexy girls is concerned.Irena!Sweetly wonderful.wonderfully sweet.


dwb13207 4 years ago


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